November Projects Update

I wrote a somewhat lengthy post a few days ago, but right before I was about to hit that button to publish it here, I hesitated. Although I was pleased with how it had come out, it still seemed like it needed just a bit more work. It didn’t seem disorganized, necessarily, but it felt just a little too stream-of-consciousness, and I worried that I had perhaps wandered a little away from my initial point in parts of it. It felt like it needed, in short, some editing.
Now, I know the impulse to edit, adjust, and straighten is not a particularly productive one for me (see “Better Done Than Perfect”), but some manner of finishing polish feels a little appropriate for most things. I think the internet era has created a sense that the fastest post is the best post, which has some obvious problems. To make an analogy to art, everything seems a little like a sketch, rather than a worked, reworked, and finished painting.
So, I’m going to take a little more time with this one, because I’d like to take a little more time with my writing to make sure I’m giving you something that might be interesting and well-crafted, rather than just dropped out as cheap filler.
Meanwhile, I’ve got an exciting new project floating around in my head that I’d like to get started on. I’ve been making this comic for a few months now, and I’ve got an idea to do something a little more elaborate and longer-form, so I’ll let you know about that as it develops. After Lorie and I went to Short Run, and the associated Handbound show last weekend, a few things that have been rattling around inside my head for the last month or so kind of clicked into place, and bloomed into that elusive nugget of inspirado. So, now I’m working on trying to fill that gap between something that only exists in my head, and making it a reality. It’s exciting, and feels like something that will push me a bit stylistically, so it should be a good way to grow artistically too.
As for other projects, I must to confess that my Drawing-A-Day effort from the summer ground to a halt during the course of the move in August, and hasn’t resumed since we’ve settled into a new apartment. I got just over 100 drawings made, which, when I think if it, was kind of my original numeric goal to begin with. I haven’t gotten all of the images posted yet, but I just put up a new batch from July in the the gallery, and will fill in August as I get those organized and scanned. The process was definitely a great exercise for me, but I think it served its purpose of keeping me drawing and painting during those mobile days of summer. I’m also looking forward to redirecting that daily time into other projects now. And who knows? Perhaps I’ll start another version at some point.

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