A Guide to Football… By Someone Who Knows Almost Nothing About It


Have you ever found the sport of football to be a confusing and inscrutable maze of rules, tackling, and penalties? You are not alone! I too never learned how to play, or for that matter watch the sport, but when my family developed an interest in it, and it became part of the backdrop of our holiday gatherings, it seemed like it was time to learn what a Running Back actually was. Thus, this guide was born: a 16-page tome intended to give you a basic, and perhaps entirely erroneous understanding of the game! Whether the information contained within is accurate or not, it will prove to be an entertaining view of the sport to readers of all sports enthusiasm, and I can guarantee that you won’t find many other football zines that cite a public radio program about poetry as a primary source.

This edition of the zine is the original first printing of November 2014, featuring a color cover, and sixteen black & white interior pages.

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