About Charlie

Charlie Capp is an artist currently based in Seattle, WA. These days he works mostly in the worlds of comics and illustration, but perhaps you know of him as a photographer too! Born in Montana, he spent the first thirty years of his life living near the mountains, but after he and his wife Lorie got married, they decided to hit the road and explore the wider world for a spell.

Charlie got a Bachelor of Science degree in Cell Biology & Neuroscience back in 2005, and while he can still remember the difference between meiosis and mitosis, almost none of that calculus he had to learn has stuck with him. He still makes heavy use of the things he learned in ornithology & mammalogy, though, and has an appreciation for statistics, even if he doesn’t recall all the details.

Charlie can be contacted through a variety of means. E-mail seems to be the most common method, but you could also go through social media like Facebook and Instagram. Charlie is also technically on Twitter and Pinterest too, but he’s such an infrequent user of those platforms that he’s not really doing anything particularly noteworthy there at the moment.

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