The weather here in Montana has been getting nicer and nicer, and after a rainy week or two while we were in the Bitterroot, we’re back to summer temperatures here in Bridger. I’m not actually quite sure what the “normal” weather is like in this area, but this is definitely hotter than I’m used to for this time of year– more July weather than May. But enough about the current behavior of the troposphere– you’re probably more curious about what I’ve been up to lately.

Mostly, I’ve been drawing. I’ve been working on more birds, but have also joined some friends in another venture– a Something-a-Day project. Lorie writes a bit more about it over at her site, but in short, a group of us are going to try to make, well, something a day, whether that’s a drawing, photograph, ceramic object, or sonnet. Those of us currently participating are making primarily drawings or photographs so far.

What I’m making are something I’ve been describing as “annotated drawings”. I’ve been making ink drawings (colored by watercolor), and then writing something about either the subject or the day in the remaining space on the page. Essentially, they’re undated journal pages, limited to one page, and separated from the context of a bound, linear volume. It’s an on-going project, so I’m sure they might shift and change over time. That might be desirable, actually, since the project is really more of an exercise in practice and creativity than an end in itself. Have a look at them– they can be seen on Facebook here (where you can find the work of my compatriots too), or locally on this site here in this gallery. I’ve been posting new work every few days, so check back frequently to see what’s new. And give me some feedback too! The point of doing something like this socially is to solicit feedback, so let me know what you think.

And… I think I’ll get back to work. I have more to say about other stuff, but I’m not quite sure how to say it yet, so rather than just musing clumsily like usual, I think I might just get back to some drawing.

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