What the Turkeys Don’t Know…

I seem to start each December with big ambitions for making work, but then quickly get waylaid by the other demands of the season. There’s always so many things to do, and they never seem time consuming when considered during the rest of the year!
In addition to the usual Christmas shopping, tree decorating, and other holiday stuff, Lorie and I also made a Christmas card, I wrote two holiday letters, and we helped the Fremont Art Council with their annual Winter Feast event. Then, of course, there’s the holiday travels, and the various dinners… it was a busy month! It was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to the quieter days of the new year to roll my sleeves up and get started on a new project.
I’m getting ready to have dinner with my family this evening, but before I do that, here’s a silly little video I made yesterday with some Christmas day footage. Wild turkeys have taken up residence in the yard during the past several years, and they seem pretty comfortable next to the house, but we have secrets to which they are not privy.
Oh, and speaking of video projects, I’m working on one from the Winter Feast that I should have finished in the next
few days, so it should be here soon. Watch this space, I suppose!

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