Springtime in Stevensville

I’ve been back in Stevensville this past week, and now that it’s snowing, it’s probably safe to say that the summer-in-springtime heatwave we were having in April is at an end, at least through the weekend. While it was nice to have the sunny +80˚ F weather and walk around without coats, this last week of cooler, on-and-off rainy days are more seasonally appropriate!

I abruptly stopped writing last time to go off and work a mysterious new-but-similar-to-what-I’ve-been-doing-lately idea, and I can report that I’m making some progress, although I don’t have anything quite ready to show you yet. In truth, I’ve been a little distracted from it this past week, since I’ve been making a couple more bird illustrations, and collaborating with Lorie to screen print a few of them onto nice little wooden panels. I’ve had my business hat on a little more lately, so I’ve made a few of the bird illustrations available as prints. Just in time for Mother’s Day, right?

Meanwhile, I have work in an international show will be opening this weekend: for those of you in the UK (or vicinity), the Best of Britain show is opening tomorrow at the Corinium Museum in Gloucestershire. My postcard/stamp will be on display there, along with a bunch of other artwork and postcards as part of Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee celebration. Looking at the e-mail invitation, I see that the opening might be a private function, so they might not let you in on Friday evening unannounced, but the show will be up all this month if you’d like to see it. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to get back to the UK before the beginning of June, when the show comes down.

Where I will be tomorrow night, though, is the opening of the Missoula Art Museum’s Triennial show. I don’t have work in the show, but Lorie and my friend Sukha do, so you should come see it if you’re in the area. The show will be up through the summer, so if you don’t make it this weekend, you can still drop in during the summer and see the work!

So, that’s kind of an update as to what I’ve been up to lately. With that, I think I might get back to work. I’m working on a couple of new birds, so watch for them to debut over the next few days!

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